Somerset floods: Council on edge as Bridgwater homes at risk

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  • Met Office expects more rain to fall tonight.
  • Many roads still closed.
  • Muchelney villagers still cut off

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8:58pm Wed 8 Jan 14 Baldbloke says…

I can remeber the road 'twixt Bicknells Bridge and Muchelnet being flooded when I was about 12 and trying (unsuccessfully) to cycle through it. That was in the days when the Jotchams stinking animal guts processing plant was nearby so you have an idea how long ago I'm talking about... Once in 200 year event Muchelney flooding? I don't think so, Sir Graham Watson... I saw it when you were probably widdling into your terry nappy.

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2:04am Thu 9 Jan 14 nat_11 says…

Global warming in Britain! tsunamis are becoming ever more frequent, Hurricanes destroying the coast of America, with the ice caps melting and an increase in water levels this isn't going to get any better!

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9:46am Thu 9 Jan 14 jan30ine says…

Why change the story when its to late. You need to get your stories right and update more often. People need you.

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7:10am Fri 10 Jan 14 bygeorge says…

The country is not getting flooded !! It is sinking with the weight of all the extra people that we now have livind here !!

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